When Women Thrive, Mississippi Thrives.

Programs and grants of the Women's Foundation of Mississippi touch the lives of women and girls at every stage of their lives.
Through grantmaking, advocacy, and action, we help break the cycle and help women thrive. 
We focus on Planned Pregnancy, Education, and Careers.
We believe in Change, Social Justice, Inclusivity, Transparency, and Collaboration.

 Learn more about the WFM here: Learn more.

In 2016, we gave a record level of $785,000 to 16 organizations to help women thrive. Learn more
 To help reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy, FactNotFiction provides fact-based, medically-accurate sex ed in a format that feels like entertainment.  Since launching three years ago, the FactNotFiction  Facebook page has reached 680,000+ people. See for yourself: FactNotFiction